Customers can provide their proprietary compounds and, if available, their preferred cell models under standard MTA conditions. Alternatively, we will work with you to source cell model and compounds of interest.

Cell model preparation depends on the type of tissue used (typically between 1 and 3 weeks). The assay duration depends on the customer’s protocol. Upon assay completion, a report is prepared and emailed to the customer together with any supplementary data requested. Precise service times are provided at the point of quotation.

The cost of the service is determined by the number of compounds, assay duration, assay conditions and cell models to be tested. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to provide a quotation.

3D cancer models are formed by either encouraging cells to form a multicellular spheroid or an organoid using low adhesion conditions or by creating microexplants from human diseased tissues (i.e. a biopsy sample) and culturing tumoroids (i.e. patient-derived tumour samples containing most of the features of the original tumor)

We can provide spheroids, organoids or tumoroids with diameters spanning from 20 up to 250 µm. Different size ranges can be provided on specific requests.

In addition to the high-quality data and cost-effective assay we provide, we will work with you to specifically address your screening needs, providing know-how and added value information regarding the efficacy of your compound

We provide phenotypic information about spheroid and organoid response to treatment via label-free readouts, as well as viability and biomarker identification. Ultimately, a concentration response-curve is extracted to quantify drug effectiveness.

Please see ‘Our Models‘ page. To request a particular model currently not shown – please contact us via the Service Request page

Please see ‘Our Assays‘ page. To request a particular assay currently not shown – please contact us via the Service Request page

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