High Throughput Drug Screening For Cancer Research.

Personalised medicine and drug development based on maximising screening of limited human cancerous tissue in 3D with microfluidic technology


Our Solution: From Bench to Bedside

Combines microfluidic lab-on-a-chip technology with physiologically relevant multicellular spheroids to enable formation and long-term culture of 3D tumor models for drug screening and individualized chemosensitivity testing.

Targeted drug discovery and development

Allows companies to do 1000x more testing for the same spend

Facilitating combination therapy for better disease management

Provides a robust, time-effective platform for personalised medicine


Maximising compound screening of 3D tumor models

Despite ongoing efforts toward finding novel entities for the treatment of the most challenging cancers, translation into patient benefit has been slow due to the fact that translational cancer research from early drug discovery to late stage drug development and assessment in clinical trials is a long process.

Our microfluidic platform delivers precise control over the cellular microenvironment and beneficially through miniaturization, maximizes use of precious limited human cancer samples.

Immense possibilities for testing patient-derived multicellular tumor spheroids/organoids for disease/biomarker-oriented drug activity and profiling using single- and pair-wise standard/targeted drug combinations

Models Available

Anticancer compound screening using 3D micro-tumour models generated from cancer patient biopsies.








Other models available upon request.

Microfluidics Technology

An open well, hydrostatic pressure-driven system, enabling the formation and culture of hundreds of human, cancer cell-enriched multicellular spheroids in a miniaturised format.

Day 1

Day 3

Day 8


Personalized treatment for cancer patients

In the area of personalized medicine, it is highly pertinent to not only predict the drug response at early time points during the therapy, but also to be able to identify the optimal drug combination for an individual patient.

This approach has the potential to identify individualized optimal therapy whilst providing cost and time effective options to relevant stakeholders for better health-care delivery.

Precise Control Over Spheroid Growth Characteristics

The platform allows multiple end point measurements to assess spheroid growth, health and drug effects, in addition to facilitating immunohistochemistry studies.

Automated Software

Assessment of spheroid readouts using custom software image analysis tools.

Drug Screen Assay Readouts

Assessment of effect of chemotherapeutics as single and in combination with radiotherapy.

Organoid Screening

Spheroid Concentration Dependant Drug Effect

Service Request

To begin a conversation with us, just tell us about your research and how we can help with our high throughput screening service.

Custom Screening Services

We Can 

  • Offer you a full consultation service to identify the best service for you
  • Help you design and perform the most physiologically relevant experiments using state-of-the-art technology
  • Assist you in deciding what are the best end-points to your scientific or clinical question


  • Innovative Technology: We have exclusive knowledge and access to the latest 3D matrices and technologies
  • Peace of mind: We will guide you through the decisions and help you choose the perfect solution
  • Bespoke Service: We can offer anything from a one-off consultation to running all experiments in our dedicated facility
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