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ScreenIn3D has access to a range of cell lines and human tissue through our partner AMS Biotechnology (Europe) ltd, and other sources. If we do not stock your cell type of interest, we will work to source the desired cell models for you, or to use customer-owned material in complete confidentiality

Patient Derived Oncology Models

Through our partner, AMSBIO, we offer high quality, next generation in vitro disease models that reflect the unique nature of a patient’s biology. All our models begin with a patient specimen, traceable to clinically relevant details that inform model characterization. By broadening patient representation, our models enable researchers and innovators to gain insights for the development of the next generation of personalized therapeutics.

Using proprietary technology and methods, we preserve the patient-specific and disease-oriented cells in stable, long-term cell models. We combine specialized expertise with our integrated outreach services to source, profile and model desired cell types. For cancer, these cell models exhibit molecular and phenotypic characteristics that are highly concordant with the patient. For RNA-mediated iPS cell line derivation, cell models enable integration of disease-specific mechanisms of action.

Validated Models

Our ONCO-Chip3D technology and screening case studies have been performed using the following primary material from:

Liver Biopsies

Lung Cancer

Ovarian Cancer

CAFs and NFs

iPSC derived neurons (+/- astrocytes)

Breast Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Prostate Cancer


Other models available upon request.

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