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ScreenIn3D utilises the latest microfluidic technology to create a cost-effective and high-quality, large-throughput, data-rich report to our customers. In collaboration with you, we will be able to establish the optimal disease models and protocols that suit your needs.

We can use your cell model or source it for you. Once we agree with you on the experimental model and schedule to be performed, we conduct your experiments. After which you will receive a report, as well as all data generated (the data is owned by you, the customer)

A cell suspension is injected into our microfluidic platform and allowed to grow into a spheroid/organoid. Subsequent cell injection can also be performed. Hundreds to thousands of spheroids can be created from as little as thousands of cells.

Your compounds are then delivered within the microfluidic platform following your schedule of choice. Several options are available depending on the amount of starting material. Typically, we can obtain 25-40 concentration response curves per biopsy. We can also cost-effectively screen standard cell lines.

Our in-house developed software analysis tool is bespoke and optimized for our microfluidic technology, providing a variety of label-free and fluorescent based readouts.

If required, spheroids can be retrieved from the platform and sent to the customer for subsequent post-processing. Supernatant can also be collected and analysed or sent to the customer.

Microfluidics Technology

An open well, hydrostatic pressure-driven system, enabling the formation and culture of hundreds of human, cancer cell-enriched multicellular spheroids in a miniaturised format.

Day 1

Day 3

Day 8

Precise Control Over Spheroid Growth Characteristics

The platform allows multiple end point measurements to assess spheroid growth, health and drug effects, in addition to facilitating immunohistochemistry studies.

Automated Software

Assessment of spheroid readouts using custom software image analysis tools.

Drug Screen Assay Readouts

Assessment of effect of chemotherapeutics as single and in combination with radiotherapy.

Organoid Screening

Spheroid Concentration Dependant Drug Effect


Our platform, orginally developed for oncology drug screening, supports 3D culture of a variety of cell types and is under validation for different disease models. Here are our current, and upcoming, services:


To identify drug efficacy on standard cell lines, primary lines, biopsy tissue, as mono-culture or as complex in vitro models. Single-compound or combination (chemo-combo or radio-chemo combo) screening can be performed. 3D migration assays can also be developed.


We are currently developing models that allow the introduction of immune cells, such as T cells and monocytes, for culture with spheroids or organoids. For the development of custom I/O models, we can work with you to develop a model suitable to your needs.

Neuro Screen

Coming Soon. Details available on request.

Hepato Screen

Coming Soon. Details available on request.

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