Next Generation Microfluidic Drug Screening Services

Precision medicine and drug development based on maximising screening of limited human cancerous tissue in 3D with microfluidic technology

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Using proprietary microfluidic technology, ScreenIn3D provides next-generation, high quality screening services that help drug developers to validate the effectives of their compounds and treatment on physiologically relevant, preclinical in vitro models of disease. Our unique ex vivo microfluidic platform offers advanced and customisable drug screening assays using primary cells and human tissue in a 3D environment

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Our Advantages

We offer a robust, customisable, cost-efficient and medium-throughput 3D in vitro and ex vivo assay service platform, which makes it possible to move away from “one therapy fits all” approach and opens doors for precision medicine to tailor peoples’ individual treatment needs. The novel characteristics of this platform enable rapid decision making to prioritize the most promising drug candidates, biomarkers and drug combination strategies for preclinical drug discovery and development.

Large Throughput

Our microfluidic technology provides a data throughput up to 100 times larger than standard ultra-low-adhesion (ULA) plates for the same starting material. This enables a high number of replicates for your conditions of interest even when dealing with very small patient-derived samples, resulting in greater statistical significance and data that gives you confidence about drug efficacy.

Clinically Relevant Models

The disease microenvironment (e.g. tumour microenvironment) affects the response of cells (e.g. cancer cells) to drugs. Mimicking these conditions in vitro provides data with a greater predictive value of drug efficacy in human studies than 2D assays. Our technology allows screening of multicellular spheroids and organoids generated from biopsy tissues and primary cell lines, as well as co-culture models.

Customer-defined Assays

Our platform is highly flexible and provides physiologically relevant 3D models tailored to your needs. We are able to customise many aspects of our assays, such as cell types, assay duration and readouts. By combining your specific knowledge with out expertise, we develop unique disease models to suit your requirements for drug development and evaluation

High Quality Data

We offer a robust, cost-efficient screening service using a miniaturized and high-throughput ex-vivo platform. Our technology achieves this even when working with extremely limited amounts of tissue, e.g. human biopsies. This allows us to deliver multiparametric readouts with a high statistical relevance.

Cost-effective Assays

Custom ScreenIn3D services allow for cost and time reduction being associated with preclinical drug discovery while providing more relevant and useful information at the same time. Our microfluidic platform, through miniaturization and engineering know-how, enables to maximize the number of condition tested on precious, limited and unique human samples. For example, compared with 2D or 3D assays in a 96-well plate, we can achieve 10- up to 30- fold reduction in the use of cell material, media, regents and drugs.

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